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A New Craft Blog!! May 21, 2010

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I opened this blog to show off what I have made, share ideas, Try to sell some items I make, find out what others like and don’t like, and also just to have some fun. Mostly this blog will have craft related talk. I might also include personal blogs, and cooking blogs from time to time. I love making crafts from hair bows to beaded necklaces and a whole lot in between. I have read so many great craft blogs and I want someone to read mine and feel the same inspration and motavation to make crafts like I have. I am not an expert at all, but I hope to get better and better each day and make great ideas that others want to have. Some things I work with are your everyday craft supplies like yarn, ribbon, fabric, beads, lace, scrapbook paper, and so on. I also use items like tin cans, plastic bottles, soda can tabs, t-shirts, place mats, and other things I find. So stay tuned and keep reading to find out more about me and my crafts =] I love craft blogs and I need to make my own and helpfull sell some of my homemade things. I want to have a small shop of my own. Nothing to big just something that brings in money one day. So what better what to shop of my things than by a craft blog and of course my youtube account. Which I am so sorry I have been missing so much lately. I hope to see my youtube friends and make new craft friends here as well. =] Okay someone find me some ducktape so I can tape my mouth shut I hve been typing enough. Lots of Love and Crafting Inspration to you all from me Neccie.


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