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Use up or Make 5 Project! May 21, 2010

Filed under: crafts,stash project — necciescreations @ 5:07 pm
So as promised on my youtube video I am making this post. Did I promise to post this in my first post?? I can’t remember!!! Any way I am now working on getting rid of some of my craft supplies. Well more like using up not just getting rid of. Here is what I have got:
3 fake roses
a bag full of fabric and ribbon scraps
a roll of christmas shiney ribbon
and a small pouch of fake feathers
So my objective is to use up these items and make useful things for myself or to try to sell or something. I want to use up all of the items in the basket and only use things I alreay own. Which means no more buying craft supplies right now. I say right now because we both know I will buy something later on. I want to try to get atleast 5 projects out of this basket if I don’t use it all. Right now I am really confused out what to do with that shiney ribbon. Its hard to work with and its evil…..evil I tell you. I tried to make bows out of it, but that was a FAIL. The material won’t stay with anything hot glue or super glue. Well I will figure something out. Stay tuned for the 5 projects and more looks into my life, youtube account, crafts, and much more. Keep reading and don’t stop looking at that object wondering what you could turn it in to. =]

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