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Project 1 No pencil needed. Right now. May 22, 2010

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Hi Stars and Studs this is my first tutorial on my new craft blog. I hope this is easy to follow and everyone understands all the steps. I included some photos, but not alot. I hope they help out. Well lets get started with this:
Step 1. This photo is showing you everything I used. A hot glue gun, sissors, fabric strap (from the stash), shiney ribbon (about 2 yards from the stash), and 3 tin cans in different sizes. I torn the labels off of the cans and wash them out well with hot water and dish washing soap.
Step 2. This step is alot of cutting. I don’t really measure a thing I find it easier for me to free hand almost everything. All I did was lay the fabric out and wrap it around each can giving my self an inch or two on the top, bottom and side. I gave myself the inch or two on the top and bottom to tuck the fabric inside the can and to cover the bottom. The inch on the side was to cover to cover one edge of the fabric so you have just one seam on the back. Next I took the ribbon and wrapped it around the can and cut off a little extra say an inch. Then I cute two pieces about 8 inches or 6 inches to make a bow to place on the can. If you want to have a tail on your bow like I do then just cut two small pieces about 3inches each.  (I hope I am not confussing you.)
Step 3. So you can tell by the picture above that I have stuffed everything I cut in the can it belongs to. Now for the hot glue fun time. Glue one side of the fabric to the can and wrap the fabric around the can and glue that side. Then glue the extra into the rim of the can and on the bottom. Next glue the ribbon around the can, then make a bow and glue it to the ribbon on the can. Do this to all the cans (I also added tails to my bows).
Step 4. Well this is not a step. That picture is of the straps I have left and I placed back in my basket. The piece of strap fabric I had measured 21 and half inches by 13 and a half inches. I think thats how big it was. 
So Here are the finished Pencil/Brush holders: 
I am putting this in my facebook shop. They are not perfectly done (I messed the bow on the last can up a bit). So I will probally price them around 2 dallors for the whole set. Read my Facebook page about shipping and other prices. I hope I helped someone to make these, want the ones I made, or gave someone Ideas on some other fun thing to make. 


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