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A few more projects!! May 25, 2010

Filed under: crafts,facebook,stash project — necciescreations @ 8:47 pm
Hi Stars and Studs  I have been a busy bee sorta. I got side tracked on my projects by making these cute clay hearts, buttons, and clay beads. I am going to make some more tonight hopefully. I have been a busy bee because I finished projects 2, 3, and 4!! Yep one more project and I have 5 done, but I am not stopping there. I want to reach the goal of using all the materials that I wanted to get rid of. So here is a picture of projects 2, 3, and 4:
Project 2 is the two bangles. They are plastic bangles made from a plastic bottle with fabric and or ribbon wrapped around them. I have made a plastic braclet before but these are bigger like bangles or cuffs. I really like the teal patterened one alot. Project 3 are the four bows with the clay objects on them. There are two pink bows on bobbypins with clay buttons in the center. There are also two clay hearts in the middle of two different green bows that are both on plastic aligator clips. Finally project 4 is that cute blue and white feather clip with that cute pink little bow on the end (the clip is a snap clip). So thats all the projects for now. I might post this picture on my facebook I am not sure yet. I hope I inspired someone, gave somebody ideas, or just made some go awww how cute! Girls keep beening the crafty stars you are.

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