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Update/Brave Step May 25, 2010

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Well I took a brave step today, but I hope it helps my small (more like tiny) craft business out. I just posted my pencil/brush holder tutorial on Made by you Mondays, which is a blog on Made by you Mondays is where all crafts post projects. I have been looking at these posts for months now saying “I am going to post one day” and I never do. I was to scared to. Well I put myself out there. So love me or hate me time. Someone loves me right?? Anyway This post is just to tell you what I am up to and that Project 2 is almost done….and part of project 3 too. I got caught up in another project that I am working on three projects at once right now and none of them are done just yet. I was reading a post about salt dough made into these cute hearts. I am not sure if I saw them on or not. But I was intrested and tryed out some salt dough hearts of my own. Well I got to playing with it and made green and pink hearts, pink and blue buttons, and some really cute beads as well. When you add food coloring and bake this salt dough it looks like clay in the end. I am using a green heart in project 3 and maybe a button to show you what they look like. Now thinking of it I am also slowing working on project 4 lol. Well I just wanted to let you in on a short update. I will post a new project up tommrow. I am forcing my self to finish one before I make any more cute clay buttons and believe me I really want to make buttons. So bye Stars and Studs and I hope I gave you ideas or atleast made you intresting in staying tuned to see more crafts by me.


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