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2 new Things!! May 27, 2010

Filed under: blogs,facebook,talk — necciescreations @ 4:14 am
Hi stars and studs I am posting 2 new things I did today!!! I am so proud I finally made one of them (blog button).

I made a blog button…..the smaller verison is in the sidebar with the grab code. I love it its so cute. The other thing i a feather clip I made. The feathers were not from the stash project pile so this was not a stash project. The feathers are real turkey feathers. I stacked a few of the iridecent ones on top of each other and they came out beautiful. I added them to a medium size clip. I have more of these feathers so if anyone is intrested in one come by my facebook page or leave me a comment here. Well thats all for today. I hope I inspired someone, made someone get craft, or made someone go I want a turkey feather clip too.

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