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Bows, Flowers, and More!!! May 31, 2010

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Hi Stars and Studs. Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, but I was in a crafting run for a bit. Then wham I wanted to make, make, and make some more. I used up almost all of the fabric scraps in my stash project basket, but not all of them. I might go back and see what eles I can make probally more flowers or bows I am crazy about making them lately. Ok so here is what I made:

1. 3 really cute and really easy bows. The best part about these bows are that they can slide on and off a bobby pin easily. So they are interchangeable 2 are just simple bows with tails and one is a mini pinwheel bow that I plan making more of.
2. Flowers!!! I was going flower mad here. I took two of the fake flowers in my stash project basket tore them apart and put them together. The other bigger flower is half fake flower and a fabric copy of the fake flower. There are 2 cute mini layered circle flowers that are super easy and cute to make. I added a pin back to one of them. I think I am going to add a bobby to the other one and make a set of them. The last one in the middle of the two big ones is a ruffle flower with 2 layers. (sorry the picture is small I am going to so close ups later.)
3. Another stash project idea. This was my frist try at this idea. I covered a small plain white box with fabric. The top is the only thing I really messed up.
4. This is just a picture of my fabric scrap bag now. I used alot considering this box was filled to the top when I started this project.
I really hope you enjoyed my ideas I will post more pictures on my facebook page as soon as I take them. I hope someone likes my work, gets inspired by something I made, or just enjoys reading this blog.

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