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Mini Layered Flower Pin!! June 1, 2010

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I told everyone in my last post that I would show a closer picture of the flowers I made. I am going to do something even better. I am going to show you guys how to make some of them. I wanted to do an easy one first so I am doing the smallest one. What you need for this project is: sissors, hot glue, fabric straps, needle and thread, a small bead or button, and a pin back. Here are the some photos just so you can see some of the process and the finial results:

1st you need to cut small circles out of your fabric straps. I used all one pattern of fabric, you could totally mix and match here if you like. I used 13 circles, but you can have as little or many as you like. Next you stack the circles on your neddle. I did this so the smallest is on top, but really it doesn’t matter. Then you stich a few times for secure. I also pinched the flower together and stiched through a few layers just to add dimmesion to the flower. The Last thing you do is hot glue or sew the bead or tiny button in the middle and then hot glue the pin back on the back. Now you have a cute and very easy flower to use as a brooch, pin to headbands, hair bows, or maybe to a purse.  I hope I inspired someone to make some of these, want one, or maybe even gave someone an idea for another craft project.
By the way if your following me from TTA or somewhere eles just tell me and I will follow you as well. I love reading blogs as much as I love writting blogs.

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