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Interchangeable bobby Bows!! June 2, 2010

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Hi there everybody!! Well I didn’t go to bow crazy, but thats only because I was working on other projects. Like trying to find a new blog template and other things. Any way I made three really cute bows. I love wearing ribbons in my hair, but trying a bow onto my ponytail or bun just gets old. I wanted to wear a bow on the side, but why just hot glue one bow to one bobby pin when I could make 3 or more bows and change them out with each other and use just one bobby pin. I know bobby pins are cheap, but this saves some money and saves you from glueing the bobby pin together. So here are 3 interchangeable bobby bow:
The best part about these bows are they are stacked bows and they all sorta match!! I used the same thin green ribbon for the small bow on top. I just sewed the two together through one layer. That way I could slip the bobby pin in the back of the bow. I hope you like my bows I will post the on my facebook page. If you want to purchase anything you have seen me make check out my facebook page from prices and message me there to get deals and such. I do have different colored ribbons! I hope you stop by my blog agian and check out my facebook page and feel free to add me there.
One more tiny thing…..I made a new blog!! I saw where you can manage more than one blog and well I have been reading cooking blogs lately….So I now have a Neccie’s Cooking Blog. I will have a button and link for the blog soon.

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