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Crazy Random Blog Post June 5, 2010

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Hi Everyone. Well I am up pretty late….2am here just to do a small blog. I am so glad I got some new followers today. I tried to follow everyone back. If you followed me and I didn’t follow you back fuss at me. Someone needs to every now and then. I am so happy right now because I finally got my new laptop in the mail today and I am typing away on it right now. YAY!!! I have been doing the happy dance since I got it connected around 9pm. Anyway I few things I would let everyone in on…..I have found a blog template that I like. It was bettween the one I have now and a cute one with owls on it, but flowers won…I mean who doesn’t like flowers? Anyway I am working on a blog button for my other blog.
Did I mention I have a cooking blog…..Well I guess I did now. I am going to post a new recipe on wild berry and blueberry muffins and soon as I find the place for my chip on this laptop. So that post will be up tommorow hopefully.

One more bit of news before I go. I was thinking I want to do a giveway when I get to say 50 followers. Maybe I could get someone to sponser or I could give away bows or something. Everyone likes free stuff its FREE!!!!!! Well leave me comments on my crazy/random, just me talking away blog. night everyone.


One Response to “Crazy Random Blog Post”

  1. Thank you for the Birthday wishes. Following you back :)XOXOFrenchy

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