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Just some Randomness!! June 9, 2010

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Hi Ya’ll I just wanted to share my feelings with everyone today. I am a mixture of happy, stressed out, confused, and alittle more happy. Well good thing there is some happiness in there. I am always smiling and everyone that knows me describes me as happy all the time, but I am human I am not happy that much. I just put a smile on my face no matter what and hold my head high and find something to be happy about. I will walk around singing to myself because it makes me happy to sing my favorite songs or just songs that are stuck in my head that day. Ok so on to the reasons I am stressed out. I am in college and well I have been for a while now….since 2003. Yea that long. My parents think I am making a career of going to school. Somedays I think I am making a career of it too!! Anyway I messed up last semester and I have to write and fill out paper work for an appeal well I am stressed out I won’t get back in and I will have to stay out for about a year. yea thats fun thinking about…..NOT!

So on to why I am confused now. I have been looking for a blog layout and well I found some cute premade ones. The one I have now is premade and I love it. But I want something more personal. Well I tried making a blog layout that went badly. I plan on trying agian later on today. Also I am a bit confused about making an online store. I have my facebook page, but I am afriad everyone doesn’t view that as a store and that making an online store would be the only way to try to sell my things. I know esty takes out a portion of your profit and my things as really cheap right now so taking part of my profit is like taking it all really. I thought I was a computer geek, but after trying to set up an online store I come to find out I know nothing!!!

And finally back to being happy!!! I have 6 new baby puppies on top of the other 2 that are almost 7 weeks old. They are all so CUTE!!! Come on they are puppies you can’t help, but say Awwwww! Also I have been getting new followers like madness lately. I think the last time I checked I had 27 so YAY! I would love to get 50 and have a small giveaway that would be fun!! Well I will be back on the computer later my dogs (all 13 of them outside and 2 inside not including puppies) are barking and telling me its feeding time.


5 Responses to “Just some Randomness!!”

  1. Sara Says:

    I love your blog layout right now, but if you want to change it up, KeyLime Blog design is great and inexpensive! I have an Etsy store and it really is great. I love it. It's very low maintenance. Also, I don't know what you sell, but don't undercut yourself. Handmade goods are worth paying for. If you have to, jack up the price to match the competition on Etsy, as well as to cover fees. I have found that they really aren't that bad. New puppies are so sweet! congrats!Good luck with your school stuff. I'm going back in August (I already have a bachelors) and I know how stressful it can be. Just take it one day at a time, and one thing at a time. You will be fine!

  2. I love the colors on your blog layout so if you decide to change it up, I'd vote for keeping the same colors! Thanks for the follow! I'm following you now. Good luck in school!

  3. Thanks Sara for the advice and motivation to be happy. I might try the whole esty thing out. One day at a time and one thing at a time…I like that. I am more like one day and a millon things at a time…lol. Thanks for the kind words.Thanks Jennifer I am probally keeping this blog layout for a bit longer I do love the colors too. Thanks for the luck (its needed.)

  4. Erin Wallace Says:

    Thanks for following – am following you, too!xo Erin

  5. Hey!! Thank you SO much for visiting me and your very sweet comment. Based on the little bit I have read from your blog thus far, I could see us being friends!! :o)I do like your layout now, but if you're interested, I will be posting a giveaway today or tomorrow for a FREE blog makeover. My husband is a pro at computers, and he did my entire blog design, so I want to share the wealth because he is not out to make money off of it!!I am still in college, too, girl…since 2004…At least you're going…That's GREAT!!YAY for new puppies!! I am grabbing your button to share your blog!! :o) Come by my blog on Monday for the Meet&Greet Monday blog hop I host…You will meet a LOT of great bloggers!! :o)

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