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Pom Pom Flower: How To? June 9, 2010

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So I posted late lastnight or early early this morning the two cute pom pom flowers I made. Well I made a few more and added them to my little glass container on my desk. Now I am happy to post the tutorial for these cute flowers.
What do you need?? A pair of sissors, hot glue gun, yarn, a twig, and some ribbon (if you want leaves)
What to do?? 1. Start wrapping the yarn around your fingers (2 fingers makes a smaller pom pom, 3=meduim, 4 large). I used a pink fuzzy pretty thick yarn, so for a small flower I wrapped about 35 to 40 times. 2. Gently slide the yarn off your fingers and cut another piece of yarn and wrap it around the middle and tie a knot tightly. Very tight=Very good in this case. 3. Cut all the loops!! 4. Give your flower a hair cut to make it look more even. (look out for a tutorial on what to do with all that yarnz fuzz scraps).  5. Put a drop of hot glue in a place that looks flat of has less hair than the rest and glue on the twig. You could also use skewer sticks, straws and floral tape, or even a pencil. So I made a whole bunch and here they are:

I didn’t add leaves to any of these but if you want leaves just take some green ribbon tie it around the twig and trim to leave just a small bit there so it looks like little leaves. You could even get really crafty and make small felt leaves and hot glue them on. I might try that. Well I hope you enjoyed this and go pom pom crazy like I did. I wrapped the yarn around two fingers to get these smaller flowers and I just wrapped them about 35 to 45 times depending on there thickness of yarn. I will add the finished photo to my facebook page.

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