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Crafting Tip!!! June 12, 2010

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does your beads look like mine? Some are organized and some are mixed up? Do you find it hard to make a decision on what to make sometimes?? Well I know I have a rough time trying to find a pattern I like and then I change my mind on what beads I am using. So what helps me to make my mind up and alittle neater. TAPE!! Any tape will do I just happen to have clear mailing ducktape on my hands (i don’t know why i don’t mail anything). What you need to do is take a piece of tape and ripe or cut it in half and double it over so its sticking on both sides. I stuck one side to the lid of my bead container and then stuck my beads on the other sticky side and lined them up the way I was going to string them.
So here is a sneak peak at one of the projects I am doing. This beading pink and purple necklace with heart pendent. I didn’t use any jump rings and I am thinking of putting a cute heart clasp on the end. Anyway back to the tip. Do you see the beads all lined up there sticking on the tape? Well its alot easier to bead this way. Well I hope this idea helps someone eles. Plus this is a good tip to do when you don’t have a flat surface to work on like if your crafting on a long trip. I use this idea when I am crafting in the car.

One Response to “Crafting Tip!!!”

  1. Kimberlee Says:

    This is a good idea. I will have to use it when I have to set-up then put away my next project. Found you through "Bunny Hop"Kimberlee, from

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