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Facebook and Followers!!! June 15, 2010

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Hi Everyone I have come to the conclusion I am a night owl agian. Really its 4:21am here on the dot and I decided to post a blog. I have been on youtube half the night looking at crafts. Well I wanted to post a new blog about a few new items I made, but I wanted to re-do and make them better before I posted. I have a cute little hat and a necklace I have been working on. Also it seems that I have gone braided fabric braclet crazy lately and also pin/brooch mad. I did make a cute lace flower pin that I will share with you. Most of the pictures I will post on my facebook. I have a badge in the sidebar if you want to add me. I am on that facebook page more than I am my own…lol.

I also wanted to post somethings about the blog and my facebook page. Well first lets talk about my facebook page. My facebook page is basically my store untill I get the courage and alittle more cash to open my esty store. I don’t want to open an esty store right now because I don’t have a palpay. My bank account is in debt right now about 12 or 20 dollars I don’t know which one. I helped my mom pay the bills one day and I used my bank credit card with takes the money out my bank and alittle more if you use the credit card. Well I am in the hole alittle there so I want to cover that hole up first. I am an honest person I won’t do anyone wrong by taking there money. I would probally give you a ton of things for free before I give thought of taking money from someone. My prices range from 10 cents to 3 dollars at the most and thats without shipping. Shippimg for the US is 1.00 and for anywhere eles its 2 or 3 dollors. Thats reasonable right. Okay before this blog gets to long I wanted to thank all of my followers for the kind comments you have been leaving me. Also I am almost at 40 followers which I am so exicted. When I reach 50 followers I want to have a small giveaway. I have some cash putting away for shipping costs to anywhere. So when I hit 50 followers I want to have a giveaway of some kind. Thank you agian to all the lovely people that follow me and leave me comments. Watch out tommrow for a post on some crafts that I have finished.


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