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Bring it on CCWCED!!! June 18, 2010

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Hi Everyone. You all maybe be asking yourself what is CCWCED mean?? Well it means Crazy Crafty Wicked Cool Envelope of Doom! I recently entered a giveaway from one of my favorite blogs Mich L. in LA. She is so crafty and one of the main reasons I started a blog. Really I read about her 10 projects she did with the secert statsh she won from dallorstore crafts and in my first few posts I did a short lived stash project. Well now is the time to truly prove myself.

I got this lovey enovople full of beautiful, intresting, crazy, wonderful, colorful, and one or two items not even craft related. When I first got the envelope I looked at it wondering what maddness was inside. Then I poked it……Seriously I poked it as if it was living and it might bite me….lol. Then like a curious child at christmas I shook it to guess what was inside. The first thing I heard was bells. You know the sound thoes little sliver christmas bells make. I knew there were bells in there. I took it to my room and began to open it. I was happy to see some items I remember from Michelle’s posts and some new items I fell in love with and I want to keep them…but I am making gifts. I might sneak in something I keep….maybe. Can I gift something to myself??? kidding. So I as you can see from the picture there is a good bit of things here. I found the bells in my package and OMG they are pink….I love them. The few things that have me stumped right now are a tag from….I don’t know what something you can buy at home depo I think, Also one of the larger items is a matte framed picture of bunnies, and there is a small picture that is lamanated….yea some things that i look at and go What?!! I already made one cute cute little thing that took 2 seconds to make. I know I already want to make a gift for someone great in my life. I will post all that soon. Maybe tommorow its 4am here and my mind can’t think anything eles except WOW!!! Thanks so much Michelle for giving me the chance to do this Challenge and I hope I pass with flying colors!


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