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1st CCWCED Project with lots of Cardboad! June 19, 2010

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Hey Everyone for those who don’t know what CCWCED means you need to go check out my 1st post about this and check out thats one of my favorite blogs. CCWCED means Crazy Crafty Wicked Cool Envelope of Doom! Well this is my 1st project I hope you like it.
What I used (I took out and add some things):
Hot Glue and Tacky Glue
1 matte framed photo (ccwced item)
Beads (ccwced item and some from my collection)
2 spurs (turkey spurs my dad hunts and loves turkey hunting the most.)
A piece of black cord
and Cardboard (I used almost all of a 24 case mountain dew box.) 
a piece of brown yarn too.
(I didn’t use the spray paint.)
(you can click the pictures to make them bigger.)
So here is what I did. I kind of when mad with this project well because alot of things were messing up. Keep reading to find out. So here are the Steps that I did. Learn from my madness I am sure this could be easy.
Step 1: I tore apart the matte framed picture as gently as I could. I didn’t kill it to bad.
Step 2: I took the separator from the 24 mountain dew case box and torn off the end pieces this was easy because they had a tear off edge. Then I traced 2 more squares out of cardboard from the box.
Step 3: I took a piece of white felt and cut it so that it was about an inch wided than the inside frame all the way around. (see the first step the inside frame was the blue one.) The red lines are where the square in the frame is and the black square is framing the felt.
Step 4: I took a piece of black cord thats used in beading and thread the beads I wanted and my dads Spur. The whole in the spur was already pre-drilled by him. He was going to add it to a long string of spurs. My dad is crafty to a point. He uses my things to create his wackiness like a necklace of spurs that he wants to hang in his truck. Its like a metal of pride for him, but I think its alittle to redneck for me. lol. Sorry thats a story for another time.The 2 yellow beads are also items from ccwced so I get double credit right?  I knotted the cord close to the beads I began and ended with so my piece didn’t slide out of frame. Then I hot glued the ends of the cord to the back of the inside frame.
Step 5: So this was the fun step. I basically had to work super fast to hot glue the cardboard to the back piece and I ended up using tacky glue as well and placing a heavy book in top and letting it dry. If I had to do this again I would try spray adhesive or something strong holding. I also hot glue quickly the felt on the back of the inside frame. Then I hot glued the inside frame on top of the cardboard and then I hotglued the matted frame on top of the inside frame. This step took alot of me pinching the frames down and holding them a minute. I also went back and added hotglue in the cracks if them pooped open. Its holding quite well now. 
Step 6: I added a small piece of the extra black cord I had left and hotglued a loop onto the middle of the frame. I cover it with a small piece of white boarder I cut off the picture for some extra support.
Step 7: I felt like the frame needs to match the beads alittle more so I hot glued a piece of brown thin yarn to the inside frame.
I hope he likes it. I am pretty sure that he will. I also used a scrap piece of cardboard to make a card for him. The front says Happy Father’s Day of course and inside is his hunting quote. “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

3 Responses to “1st CCWCED Project with lots of Cardboad!”

  1. Michelle L. Says:

    Love it! Yours is the first finished gift and I am really inspired! Check out my post on Father's Day, featuring YOU. Hooray, and thank you for being so bold with your first project. (Also, I want to know what your dad thought!)

  2. He will love it because you made it!!! Beautiful!

  3. Aww, another doomed crafter! This is brilliant, love it!

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