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Happy Father’s Day!! June 20, 2010

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Hey Everyone if you read my last post you know what I gave my dad this father’s day. I wanted to share alittle bit about today and alittle bit about my life to you all (more fun craft stuff tommrow I promise). Well I am 24, not married, no kids, full time student (except in the summer), and I still live with my parents. Yea I live with mom and dad agian. About a year ago out of the blue I told my parents I was moving to New York in a few days. They about flip, but there was nothing they could do I had already bought the bus ticket (no flying no thank you) and I made my mind up already I was going. Well I moved in with my boyfriend that had moved to New York 8 months before. About 3 months of being in New York and my mom crying calling me everyday I was missing home and NY didn’t like me that much anyway. Well NY liked me I had a job, an apartment upstate, my boyfriend’s family took me shopping and try everything to make me as happy as posible there. The realationship started going south badly and I really started talking to my dad on the phone everyday instead of my mom. He understood me and give me the best advice I could ask for. One day he up and told me “Neccie if your not happy, and your missing everything, come back home. I will buy your ticket now. Just tell me you want to come home.” I broke down crying right there on the phone with him and said “Daddy I want to come home.” he started crying and yelled at my mom to order the ticket online right then and there. I left NY the next morning at 8am.

I have been back home for about a year and my dad and I have been so close. He is so supportive of my crafts. He is always telling me “Go make a 100 of these and rake in the cash.” I wish it was that easy. So onto my funny and so sweet father’s day this morning. My dad and his brother were going somewhere at 8am this morning. So I set my clock for 9am that way I could cook him brunch when he got back. I left his gift on his coffee table in the living room so he would find it this morning. Well 8am comes and the 1st thing I hear is “Neccie!!! How do you get this necklace out of this thing??” I almost feel out the bed freaking out!!! I walking in the living room with my pjs on and looked at him. “Are you trying to tear up your gift?” is all I could say. He then looks at it agian and notices the loop on the back “Oh you hang it on the wall. Then hang in up so I can look at it.” I about died laughing at him. He liked it so much he tried taking it apart. Luckly the hot glue was to strong….lol. So now his father’s day gift hangs on the wall in the living room. He keeps telling me “You could make 100 of them and paint the spur gold and make a killing.” Thats my dad!! Happy father’s day and to all the daughter’s, son’s, and mother’s I hope you feel great and all warm and fuzzy when the dad in your life loves the gift that you got them. Sometimes something so funny as them trying to tear your gift apart means more than “Thank you I love it.”

Ps. My day got even better after I read the post I was featured in from I was so please that she liked what I made and that I was featured on the 1st blog I followed and my favorite one to read. Thanks M for giving me the chance to share my creativity to everyone and for all the nice words.


One Response to “Happy Father’s Day!!”

  1. Michelle L. Says:

    Hilarious! I kind of love your Dad's idea to paint the spurs gold and make necklaces. You've gotta try it. Don't forget, he gets 10% of anything you make! Great Father's Day post, your story says a lot about men and daughters.

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