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3 gifts + 1 family = CCWCED gift #2 June 24, 2010

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Hey everybody I am back with another CCWCED gift. If you don’t know what CCWCED means check out my other posts please. CCWCED means Crazy Crafty Wicked Cool Envelope of Doom! If you read my other CCWCED posts I mentioned somewhere that I made one gift in about 2 seconds well maybe 10 seconds, but it was fast. Well I wanted to make something for thier family and not just one person. So What did I use and what did I make??? (click the picture to make it bigger)

All the items i used came from the envelope (almost all):
items from the envelope:
clear beads
pink beads
pink felt decorative piece
pink flower clips
Items I used that I had:
hot glue
t-shirt scraps
a plastic easter egg
and a perment marker
Okay so right now your probally wondering what I made right? Well I made a toddler, a tween, and a mom all cute girlie hair clips. The piece of decoritive felt had two little birds on it so I cut them off and hot glued them to a pair of pink flower clips (they are for the toddler). For the tween I hot glued the pink beads in the center of each flower. I made her 2 pair of flowers with a gem center. For the mom I hot glued the clear beads all over the pink flower clips to make a pair of bejewled flower clips. For the mom and tween I wrapped there gift in a piece of t-shirt strap  and taped the back shut. I cut off a square of felt and wrote the Inital of thier first name in perement marker and placed it on top of the package. For the toddler I placed her clips in the plastic easter egg and I drawed a face on the egg and gave it a t-shirt bow. I also wrote her name on the bottom. So here is what they looked like when I was done and a photo of the packaging. (Click on the photos to see them better.)
Ps. The toddler loved her egg as much as she did her clips. She told her mom and her sister that they only got one letter and she got her whole name so she was special like that……lol. After I left the mom told me her tween daughter clamed her bejewled clips as well and her toddler wanted a bow to wear like her egg had.

2 Responses to “3 gifts + 1 family = CCWCED gift #2”

  1. Lucky you to have so many giftees! đŸ™‚ I love the bejewelled ones, nothing wrong with a bit of bling!

  2. Michelle L. Says:

    Way cute! This is such a good project to show people variations on a theme! I love your detailed description of the gift-giving process, too. Will post this one soon!

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