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Read it!! Bookmark it!! Try it out!! June 25, 2010

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Hey Everybody I wanted to share two things I whipped up today. I am always reading all the blogs I follow. I will go back and there whole blog….(I have done this with a few blogs I love.) Well I am always reading a craft or recipe and saying I want to do that.  So I bookmark the post and say ok I will do this one day. Well it sits there in my favorites….and sits there. Well today I brain dead from lack of sleep and I had no idea what to craft or cook. So I looked on my bookmarked blogs and found a craft and a yummy recipe that I did. Both ideas came out great I really love them. They were so easy and quick to do. Here is what I did:

(click to make picture larger!)
So some of you are going I have seen them before. Well if you follow Mich L. in LA and Welcome Sunshine Home then you have seen these two things before. I guess you can say I am featuring them….lol. I am really just telling everyone that its easy to get something do and all the tutorials for crafts on here are not that hard. Next time you see a really cool craft post. Read it!! Bookmark it!!! Try it out!!! You might make something wonderful too! The necklace was thought about by Mich L. in LA check out her Post here: . I love the orignal necklace she made. Yes my knots are not perfect, but I am pleased with what I made I can’t wait to wear it to school in the fall. It took mear minutes to make. The longest thing I did was pick out beads. The Smores come from the blog Welcome Sunshine Home that is written by Alison and Jake, a cute newlyweed couple. I love there insites on life, recipes, and more. You can find this easy recipe for smores in the oven here: . I changed it up a bit and used some white cookies and cream choclote and left some smores open and made some the regular way. They were so Yummy. Thanks Alison and Jake for a great recipe. So in the end look at all the great tutorials you like and try one or two of them out. Make that craft or cook that dish. Give it a try!

One Response to “Read it!! Bookmark it!! Try it out!!”

  1. Hi! Thanks for trying out my super easy s'mores and encouraging others to try the projects they have book marked. I'm going to try some s'mores with cookies next time! Then, I'm going to make the camera strap cover that I've had bookmarked since before I even had a blog!! :)Enjoy the weekend! I'm mentioning you and putting your button in my Friday post today. :)Alison

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