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Try it out: Pom pom Hair Clip July 4, 2010

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Hi everyone. I wanted to try something eles I bookmarked the project was perfect. I have recently picked up a pack of headbands and I wanted some sorta of extra tada for this skinny headband I had bought. I think all the skinny headbands get lost in my thick, curly hair. So I said “I am crafty I can whip up some extra tada for this.” So off to my bookmarked list I looked and found this pom pom hair clip. Well I made pom pom flowers a while back so this had to be smiple right. Well the tutorial I picked was alittle difficult considering I didn’t have a pom pom maker. Well I decided to share my crazy process of making this my self.
What do you need?:
sissors, hot glue, aligator clip, t-shirt fabric.
Step 1: I cut out the back part of my t-shirt started under the armpits and down. Then I folded it up so it was easier to cut. I cut a strip about an inch or two thick and gave it a good stretch. I cut another strip and cut off about 3 inches and stretched it too. So you have one long strip and one short one.
        Step 2: Since I don’t have a pom pom maker and I have never figure out that cardboard way. I used the way I made my yarn pom pom flower…..with my fingers. Just wind the fabric around your fingers. I used 3 fingers for a smaller pom pom.
Step 3: Slip fabric off your fingers and tie the smaller one
around the middle tightly. (I messed this part somehow.
I don’t know if the smaller strip needed to be thinner or if I should of used thread, or more fabric for the loops.) Now you cut the loops and trim and fluff till you get more of a pom pom look.
Step 4: My pom pom was a bit to small and needed some help
so to fix my mess up I tied two together. Next I dabbed hot
glue here and there and shapped it more into a pom pom
flower. This took alittle longer, but was fairly simple to play
around with.                                                                                                                                             
Step 5: I glued on the clip open. I glued a piece of fabric in the clip so I would not get the two metal pieces stuck together. I cover the top of the clip if any part was showing. I trimmed some more and fluff agian. Adding hot glue here and there to push two pieces together to add more volume and less gaps.
And now this pom pom clip was cliped onto my black skinny headband for extra tada. I don’t think my skinny headband will get lost in my hair now:
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6 Responses to “Try it out: Pom pom Hair Clip”

  1. Michelle L. Says:

    So cute! I love how funny you are. Not just tada…EXTRA tada!! Thanks for a good tutorial with tips on how to fix stuff that doesn't quite work at first. The end result is a really pretty and full-looking pom pom. You are always resourceful!

  2. Very pretty, suits you so well!

  3. How cute are those! What a great craft for my little ones, thanks! Now following from Tuesday Tag Along! Have a great day!Hanan

  4. I'm a new Follower visiting from TTA! Untypically Jia

  5. Holly Says:

    Hi there! The pom poms are so cute! I have not seen those making a comeback yet…you may have started it. Following form TTA!

  6. hi — following you from the blog hop! great blog :)

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