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Not Just For Baby!!! July 7, 2010

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Hi everyone! If you read my Hoo are you post you know that I made a CCWCED project. Whats CCWCED you may ask……Read this post: bring it on ccwced. That post tells you everything and shows you want I got too. I have done 3 projects, but really who can stop at 3 when there is so many things not used yet?? I can’t! So I thought about what I could make, then I remember I had a baby shower in 2 weeks to attend. One of my friends is having a baby girl. Well I keep this meduim size box in my house that has blankets, picture frames, baby bags, and a bunch of baby stuff in there because my friends tend to all get pregant at the same time. One year I have 5 baby showers to go to all with in 2 months.

Well I was looking at my Crafting Doom items left and I started to think why does everyone only give gifts to the baby? Why not the big sisters or the mommy’s? Well I just had to make them something too. So I took out a bunch of stuff. Thats my madness I gather a bunch of supplies. Sometimes using all of it and something not even half. So Heres what i got:

(Click to see a closer view)
From the Enevople I found: A red tassle, the rest of the matted bunny photo, a scrapbook clipboard piece, and one green scarf.
Items from my stash: some different ribbons, some pink t-shirt fabric, needles, sissors, thread, and some barette and pin backings.
Items from the baby box: One cute picture frame, baby gift bag, and one pink blanket with white duckies on it.

So I made three people gifts here… sorry no tutorial, but I will show you what I made and tell you alittle something about them. In the pictures below you will see that I made a hair barette, a bunny picture, a clutch purse, and a cute clip for the babies binkie (thats what the red this).
(click photo to see more) For the mommy to be I made this smiple light weight clutch out of the green scarf. I folded it a few times, stiched the bottom and side shut, added a handle, and closed it with a flower pin brooch. The cute hair bow is for the big sister to be. I used the scrapbook chipboard piece as the base and added a t-shrit fabric bow to that, and hotglued it on a barette blank. I really lucked out with the bunny photo because the mommy to be told me she was going to have an all animal theme for the room. So I wanted the baby to have art. I just stuck the photo of the bunnies I had left over from my frame project into the picture frame I choose. The red tassle was adjusted a bit. I cut off the tassle and added a red ribbon bow, then hot glued on a pin back. I lucked out on this project too because the tassle had a small loop at the end so instant blinkie clip. For wrapping items I bagged the small items in a ziplock and added a card so they would not get to lost in the big bag. Instead of using Tissue paper I just wrapped the items up in the blanket and placed everything in the bag. So my baby shower gift is done.
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3 Responses to “Not Just For Baby!!!”

  1. I am now following you thanks to Welcome Wednesday and it would be nice if you could share back the love here on my blog!Also Technical Support is up for grabs!Yesterday's topic was No Titles In The Sidebar Widget and today we talk about Centering the sidebar buttons. Make sure you don't miss any of this!Happy Welcome Wednesday!

  2. Michelle L. Says:

    Oh, wow, this is another great one! I LOVE that clutch from a scarf! You should do a little tutorial for that – i know this one is finished but when you find another scarf, show us how to make another one. Everything turned out cute!!! You are extra creative today!

  3. Leslie Says:

    Cute cute cute! Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!

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