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Try this Thursday: Not quite 10 millon headbands July 8, 2010

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Hey everybody I am back with another try this out. I might make this a regular Thrusday thing. Try this Thursday. It would be a small step toward my themed days idea. I have been using my project tin and I am really getting more done now. Check back a few posts to read about my project tin. Anyway This idea comes from Michelle from Mich L. in La. Here is the tutorial Click Here. she is the main reason I started up my craft blog and one of the first blogs I followed. I love reading her blog and making some of the fun, easy, useful, and intresting pieces she makes. If you follow her you may remember her dollar store stash project. Well I won her Enveople of Doom contest and I thought it would be nice to pay a tiny tribute to the contest that made it possible for my craft blog to be here and the contest I won. So This was her 10th entry for 10 million headbands… she didn’t really make that many headbands. She did show a crafty way of how to turn one headband into alot of different ones. Here is an idea of the project:

Its my model just so cute!! I started out with a plain white headband and made 10 different attachments for it. I made some bows, some flowers, an athrop. inspired flower, and 2 braided dangles. If you want to know how to make any of the decorations I made leave me a comment and I will make a post on how to do that or just reply to your comment and tell you how to do it. Everything I made was pretty basic and I used my hot glue gun for it all. So here are all 10 of my cute decorations:
Thats for stopping by and reading my blog. Remember to read past posts for more fun stuff. A special thanks to Michelle for my inspration. check out her blog for the full tutorial.
Just a few tips: I found the felt alot easier to work with for the type of headband I used. I used a dollor store kids thin headband that had fabric already on it. If you don’t want to wear the decorations on your headband any more just hot glue on a pin blank or a clip you already have the felt there.

5 Responses to “Try this Thursday: Not quite 10 millon headbands”

  1. Haupi Says:

    I live in head bands, so this was a really good tip for me. My hair is pretty thick so I don't know if the .99 cent head bands would work on my hair but you gave me the idea of decorating some of my older and more expensvie ones I have stop wearing to freshen them up to make them like new.I can't leave without letting you know that while I absolutely love your blog, I have to be honest that your music is distracting. I know people have probably given you compliments on it before (as I have to other wanting to be complimentary) – but, as a friend, I agree with different blogging tipsters who say music chases people away from your blog because we all have different music tastes and that even changing the with the time of day. I thought you might wanted you to know my personal thoughts. Again, thanks for the great tip for my head bands. Hope you enjoy the weekend!Haupi

  2. Thank you for your input Haupi and the music was a bit distracting. I am so glad I inspired you and that you love my blog. Keep reading and thanks for following me.

  3. Erin Wallace Says:

    Neccie – I totally agree with you on the giveaways! I don't enter them unless they are REALLY great because I just can't keep up with them. That being said, I'm working on another one, but it will be a child specific one. Just can't resist the opportunity to give away something free!xo Erin

  4. I know Erin its so rewarding to give away things. I totally agree with you too and that might be why I don't enter to many. Its always nice to give away child related things. Mommmy's need help on buying all the fun stuff for kids.

  5. Michelle L. Says:

    Thanks for the nice back-at-me, Neccie! I always love your fabric roses, they look especially cute on that 3-for-1 embellishment!

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