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Faux shell like or square beaded braclet July 10, 2010

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Hi everyone its late at night agian and I wanted to post a cute and easy tutorial. I picked out this one because I was browsing youtubes craft videos and saw someone making a necklace out of something I would of never thought of making jewlery out of. Well that was a while back and the girl deleted the video. Luckly I remembered how to make a braclet. I made one and posted a photo on my facebook (I have a facebook badge in the sidebar feel feel to add me). A girl left a comment about this braclet that sorta of upset me. It was along the lines of what did I do just add a bow to a braclet I had. Well I liked making this braclet and I hope you do too. You will never guess what the beads are made out of. Ok I will give you a hint…red is hambuger, black is normally steak, blue is fish, and yellow is chicken. If you guessed the stryofoam trays the meat comes in you got it right. Yes I made that braclet with that!!

Here is what you all need:
needle and thread
one stryofoam tray any color
Bow Pin (I used a bow because I cut my ribbon to short.)
What To Do?
Step 1: Wash your tray with hot water and soap if there was meat in there. I asked my local butcher if I could have a few empty trays and he nicely gave me one in every color that were new.
Step 2: Cut your tray in small strips Like this:
Then cut these strips into tiny squares like this:
Step 3: Thread your squares onto your thread to the desired length. I stopped every few minutes and wrapped the piece around my wrist. I left 2 or 3 inches for the ribbon.
Step 4: Cut 2 pieces of ribbon long enough to tie a bow (I cut my pieces to small). Tie a knot in one end of the ribbon and sew the ribbon to the braclet. I put a few stiches in the last bead to keep it more stable.
Step 5: Tie ribbon in a bow and enjoy. Now in my finally picture there is a bow. Since my ribbon was to short I took a bow pin and pinned the two pieces of ribbon together to how my braclet on.
So these a cute and unqie braclet I am going to play around with different colors and different shapes. I am thinking of trying to sell them so stop by my facebook to see if I have made any more. Also I posted some new items on my facebook that I have not posted on my blog yet.

12 Responses to “Faux shell like or square beaded braclet”

  1. from comment club, how cute!

  2. Holly Says:

    stopping by from weekened comment club…Cute braclet đŸ™‚

  3. I am Harriet Says:

    I haven't crafted a bracelet in years. Looks great.Stopping by from the Friday-Follow Weekend Comment Club to thank you for participating.Have a great weekend!

  4. From comment club. Love the bracelet!

  5. Michelle L. Says:

    Outrageous! I think it looks really cute, and would never EVER have guessed!

  6. Tina Says:

    Cute idea, my daughter would LOVE this!!(Comment Club)

  7. What the heck? this is immensely clever, I would have NEVER dreamed up anything like it! Brilliant idea!

  8. That is really creative!Stopping by from comment club.

  9. Lady Hill Says:

    Stopping by from comment club…what a great use of something that would normally be trash!

  10. Very cute!!!Stopping by from comment

  11. Heather Says:

    I linked to your post on my blog I will also be featuring this on my new blog today!

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