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1st Annual Blog Bash! July 12, 2010

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Blog Bash
Hi everyone if your visiting from the Blog Bast that not your average teen is hosting Welcome. I
normaly do small one day blog hops on Monday,Tuesday, Wenseday, and Friday. So this is alittle new.

Well here is my introduction:

My name is Neccie and I am 24 years old. I am a part-time college student and I am working on a major in Early Childhood Education. I am not married and I have no kids, but I love kids, and my friends bring there kids over to my house all the time to make fun crafts together. I love making crafts with kids from ages 3 all the way up to teenagers at the age of 16. Heck even some of my friend join in on the fun. Beside crafting I love knitting, photography, and writting as well. I have not had this blog that long so I am bit of a newbie.
(just two of the things I have made.)
Its time for the questions:
1.) Why do you blog?
I blog because I love writting about my life and sharing all the fun crafts I make
with all of you. I use to make youtube videos, but I just didn’t feel comfortable with that.
2.) What do you blog about?
I blog about crafts mostly. I post craft tutorials that are easy and very fun. I make items that both kids and adults both like. I sometimes add a random post in about my life.
3.) What do you find to be the biggest reward you get from blogging?
I love getting all the nice comments from everyone saying how much my ideas are great for kids. I
really like when someone says they like my items. I am not an expert and I am still learning myself, but when
someone comments me and tells me they love my item I really feel rewarded.
4.) How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging for 2 almost 3 months now. I am fairly new to all
this still.
5.) Let’s hear the story behind your blog title! 🙂
Well the title of my blog is Neccie’s Creations. I kept the title simple because well they are my creations!! I also named my blog Neccie’s Creations because I am trying to start my own business and thats what I want to name it. I have a unqiue name and I wanted to use it. My business is tiny small right now, but I hope it will grow soon.
Well Thanks for stopping by. I hope you check out some past post and enjoy my blog. =]

2 Responses to “1st Annual Blog Bash!”

  1. crisc23 Says:

    Coming by from the bash and your newest follower =)

  2. Stopping from the Bash! It was great to learn about your life. I love your blog layout.

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