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Hoo are you? and a Tips Tuesday. July 13, 2010

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Hi everybody I am going to try to make this a regular thing one Tuesday. I want to tell you about me by join in the tuesday blog hop over at Night Owl Crafting. Also I want to share some craft tips. So lets start the fun:

Hoo are you??


1. Do you prefer sweet or salty foods?
I prefer salty to sweet. Give me a bag of pork rinds or chips instead of a brownie or choclate. Now I do like chocolate covered pretezls you get sweet and salty.
2. Name your 3 BEST personality traits!
I am a very friendly person. I make friends very quickly.
I am a very helpful person. I sometimes go out of my way to help someone. It makes me smile to know I made someone happy by helping them.
I am an optimistic person. I almost always see the bright side to everything.
3. Name your 3 worst personality traits!
I am very Stubborn. When I have a point I make it. That gets me in trouble sometimes more than anything.
I have a very smart mouth. If someone asks a simple question like did you do so and so? I come back with no I didn’t and now its right in front of you…duh. Yea I come of snoby sometimes…opps.
When I get mad I cuss….Yep I say bad words and if mad enough I can cuss up like a salior….I am a lady I am not suppose to do that.
4. Do you collect anything?
If you saw my extra room you would think I collect craft supplies. I do have a small collection of pop tabs off of soda cans. I am planing on making something with them one day.
5. What is your favorite season of the year?
I love Fall its my favorite season. Its not to hot and not to cold. I can wear a light hoodie and thats all I need if that. I also love fall because my birthday and favorite hoilday are in fall. Halloween is in October and my birthday is October the 15th. So fall is my favorite season.

Craft Tips:
I have just a few tips for today. I hope they help.

1. If your like me and you don’t like measuring, but you need a lining or another piece of material the same lengh and width. Just pin one material to the other and cut. The pins will hold the material pieces togeether for easier cuting.

2. If you can sew to well like me and have a hard time. Try to have all your stiches connecting. I know there is a name for that stich but I have no clue what its called. All I know is by begining one stich where one stich ends and connecting them will keep it straighter.

3. keep fabric scraps and loose ribbons in ziplock bags its easier to store and they will be with in reach when you need alittle piece of fabric or ribbon scrap. Also you will be using everything and throwing away less.


3 Responses to “Hoo are you? and a Tips Tuesday.”

  1. Ohh…I have a sailors mouth too! Glad I'm not the only one! LOL Although I can manage to keep it from happening in front of my kids, so I COULD control it if I wanted to! 😉

  2. Aww, girl, I can swear for Scotland!! I have been told off by my boss for swearing at customers because they actually complained- and I work in a bookies, for @#[% sake!! I mean, geez £$%# feck, what the &=+$ is their freakin problem? They should *¬.< off and get the €/;} on with it, don't you think?

  3. Leslie Says:

    It seems like a lot of people love fall! It is ok to tell it like it is, people need to know where they stand! Thanks for linking up to Hoo are you!

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