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Should I make an Etsy Shop? July 14, 2010

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Hi everyone I have been trying to run my tiny business through my friends and facebook. Well facebok is no place to buy an item. I have a paypal account and I know everyone is selling at Etsy. I want to know everyones thought on this. Should I make an Etsy account? If I had a store would you buy something from me. I have looked up shipping prices and what others are selling some of the same items I want to sell. Here are a few items I want to sell and there prices. Feel free to tell me anything you would or would not buy. If I get 10 or more comments saying yes open a store then I will make an Etsy shop. Here are some items:
Airfreshener-comes in own decorated jar. scents I have ocean as of now more to come soon. Cost: 1.00 Shipping for this item 1.50 so all together: $2.50. I can make the blue color lighter or even make it clear. I do have more of this ribbon if you want to same design as this jar. Jar comes with a lid so you can keep the smell sealed when not using.

A scarf thats thick and long, great for the winter chill. I can wrap this one around my neck atleast 3 times. Comes in any color yarn I have. Check my facebook if you want to see my colors. I will update my yarns when and if I get an Etsy shop.
Cost for this scarf 2.00 shipping 2.00 total price $4.00. This scarf will take 1 week to 2 weeks to get to you. I have to knit it and that will take a few days. I have other scarf ranging for $2.00-$4.00 with shipping. I make faxu fur like wraps, light weight scarf, and these heavier scarves. I will be making a scarf with fringe soon. Check my facebook for all pictures.
This Scrapy Srunchy! Thats what I named it. This one is for sell and I can custom one with different fabrics and ribbons that I have. I will have all ribbons and fabrics updated on facebook. This item will cost 1.00 and shipping is 0.75 so total cost is $1.75 for this item.

Some of you know this item from a previous post. I am going to make this is different colors with different pins as closers. The cost for this item is 1.50 and shipping will be 1.00 so this item cost all in all $2.50.

These knitted drawstring bags are lined with fabric and have a braided drawstring. The cost for these are 1.00 and shipping is 1.50 so total cost $2.50. I have different colors of yarn and fabric you can customize your bag to your liking.

These cute little bows are interchangeable bobby bows. I will probally include 2 bobby pins. If you want all 3 its 1.00 plus .50 shipping. If you want more I will charge 3 for 1.00 with .50 shipping.

Theses are just some examples of items I am wanting to sell and how much they cost. Any of the crafts I have made and posted on this blog I am willing to sell. My prices are very cheap as you can tell. I want to stay cheap until I grow a bigger business. I will offer more items. If you want to look at other items, my yarns, or my fabrics Check out my facebook. Please be honest and tell if you would by anything or if you would not. This is my money and time I am putting out and I don’t have much money to be using up posting items in a shop no one will buy. Thank you for commenting and I hope there are enough of you out there willing to buy something so I can open my shop. If you say you would buy something it doesn’t mean you have to buy that item as soon as I open….that would be great, but I am not holding you. I just want to make sure my items are sellable and wanted. Okay so I have a long enough post thanks agian.


4 Responses to “Should I make an Etsy Shop?”

  1. Michelle L. Says:

    Hi, Neccie! I wish I knew about Etsy finance so I could give an informed opinion, but I don't know what the costs are. I assume Etsy takes a cut of anything you sell. Are there other fees as well?I will say, I think some of your prices seem TOO LOW for the amount of work you would be putting in! Could you really make a profit selling them that cheaply? Those knit scarves, the lined drawstring bags and little clutch purse should go for more. I really just want to say, don't sell yourself short, kiddo!

  2. Exactly what I meant to say, too. A hand knitted scarf for two dollars? No way, That is too cheap.I think you might have to take more detailed photos if you want to sell. But otherwise I think you should try it, girl.I am currently thinking about trying to sell on the UK version of Etsy, called Folksy. Take a chance, Neccie! Personally, I would buy the air freshener, since I love the idea. But you might have to extend your range a little (more scents) before putting them up for sale? You know, crowd pleasers like vanilla and sandalwood and whatever else pleases.We have an advert over here for the National Lottery: For those who'd rather have a go than never know. I think you should have a go.

  3. Here from Comment Club.I know so little about Etsy to be honest. I'm not a shopper or a crafter so I'm the worst person to give advice on the subject, however I think a talent like this should not be wasted. Put it to good use!

  4. Oh my gosh, your prices rock. I think you should open an Etsy store. I have one that I have had items on for a couple of months. I have had 3 sales. I hear it is really slow this time of year. It is super easy to open a store, and I bet if you focused on building your inventory, you would cash in at christmas. I am so buying a scarf from you! I think people are somewhat apprehensive about just paying to a paypal account. With Etsy, there is some buyer protection. Also, in the short time I have had a store with items, I have had several people contact me after finding me through Etsy's search, and 3 people featured different items from my store on their blogs. I don't have a lot of experience with Etsy yet, but am happy to talk to you more. Right now I am trying to get more things in my shop, then I will work on advertising and marketing (the free ways)! So far, it is user friendly, cheap, and seems to drive traffic to my items. There are some other handmade online marketplaces too, but I have no experience with them. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me feedback on my clay creations. I will let you know when I post that giveaway, Should be soon. Shine on!

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