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Foto (Photo) Friday: Part 1 July 16, 2010

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Hi everyone I have been busy for a bit, but I am here. I want to try to make every Friday or every other Friday….Foto (Photo) Friday. Tell me what you think. I have been playing around with backgrounds and different ways to take pictures of my crafts. I have also made a few new crafts and found a few older items I have made. I just wanted to share the photos with you and tell you what I did differently. Maybe I will help someone eles out. Lets start with a new item first. Everyone remember the faux shell braclet? Well this is another one in blue:

This pukabow braclet was shot from the front to show off the cute stiched on bow detail and also from the side so you could see a different angle ant the beads better. The back ground for this braclet is a piece of wood that has seen its better days. I set the piece of wood up on the steps and took alot of photos with this background. The next item is a Vinyl Cuff I made a while but and but in storage and just got around to finding it. Its decorated for halloween, but I love halloween so I would probally wear it all year long:
For this photo I set the cuff right down on a rock on the garden….well whats left of the garden (its over grown by evil vine flowers now.) I have a few slivery/gray rocks that came from Texas and the grey gave this whitish vinyl braclet a nice look. There are 2 black bats on each side of the purple bat. I need to get a few more shots from different angles for this cuff. I was really happy this photo showed the hand painting I did to the cuff. The next item is another cuff but decorated alittle different. I messed up alittle on it, but its still a nice:
This two photo are taken on my front porch steps. The steps are alittle wheather, but still nice. I really like the light shining under the cracks in the photos, but the cuff is still the center of attention here. As you can see on the frist picture my hot glue got on the cuff just a bit, but the cuff still looks really nice.
So Thats all the photos I have to show you today. Tommrow I will take some photos of my knits and show you how that comes out. A big tip for all the photos I took is that I took them from 8am to 11am the lighting outside was perfect. I never used a flash at all. I set my camrea on the scenery setting for close up of flowers. The icon is a flower on the scenery settings. I used no flash and I made sure to foucs on the photo and have as less background as I could. Also I made sure I was not shaking. I layed down and proped my elbows up a few times for balence. Tell me what you think of my new photos I am going to redo my facebook with all new photos. (Sorry post is so long….remember to see photos bigger just click them.)

4 Responses to “Foto (Photo) Friday: Part 1”

  1. Michelle L. Says:

    Ooh, I kinda love that bat cuff! But also, the blue puka bracelet – once again, I can't belive how you made it, it's so clevah. I like the bow detail, it's like the ultimate summer look.

  2. Thanks for the photo tips. The cuff is great.I am following from Fridays Comment Club

  3. Everything is so cute! 🙂 As far as your previous post about an Etsy shop, go for it! Nothing wrong with trying! 🙂 New follower, and I'm here from the Comment Club.

  4. I am Harriet Says:

    Hi there.I'm stopping by from Friday-Follow's weekend comment club to thank you for signing up.Have a great weekend.

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