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Foto (Photo) Friday: Part 2 July 18, 2010

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Hi everyone! So part one I showed different items on mostly wooden backdrops. In this post I will show you different backdrops, items, and give you more tips. In this post I will show you some of my knits and different ways I took photos of them. The first item is a personal scarf of mine I knitted about a year ago:

This scarf was wrapped around a tree. I covered the tree so you couldn’t see it and you saw more of the scarf. You can go several different ways with this backdrop. You can wrap the scarf around the tree like your wearing it (there are tons of ways to wrap a scarf on), you can wrap it to cover the tree like i did, or you can let it hang from a branch to show off lenght. I got close to the scarf with this photo, but made sure I could see most of the scarf. I was using the same close up flower setting with no flash as before. The lighting outside was nice and it was still early in the morning so it wasn’t that hot. This next item is also around a tree, but it has a detail on the ends of the scarf:

This scarf was also wraped around a tree, but I let the tree show a bit this time. I also got closer in to caputure this flower detail stiched onto the end of the scarf. In this photo you can tell the color of the scarf, that its thin, and the detail on the ends. Sometimes you don’t need a full frame picture of an item to create a nice shot. A great time to taking a shot this close is use that zoom button, but only the picture become alittle blurry zoom out alittle and remember to keep the camrea as still as you can. I shot this without a tripod, but a tripod is a great tool to keeping everything as still as possible and your photo won’t be blurry. The next items are three knitted braclets and they have a different backdrop and two different angles that I shot them at:

This backdrop is just a smiple piece of white fabric. You can use a sheet, pillowcase, shirt, or just a piece of fabric. Crop the photo so the item is the main foucs. Rember you don’t need the whole item in the shot. So the fact that the yarn is cut off in the 1st pic is on. The next photo is a nice way to show how the braclet will look on. Agian you don’t need your whole hand or arm in the photo. you want to make sure you can see the braclet clearly. Of course I took this photo with one hand and later on went into a photo editor and cropped it down. The item at hand is always center of attention so zoom in, crop around the item, and make it look good.

Well thats all the photos and tips for this Foto (Photo) Friday. I made have more items next Friday or maybe a different subject all together. Thanks for reading the blog and I hope I helped someone out. One more good tip is take seveval photos you can always hit delete if you don’t like one.


One Response to “Foto (Photo) Friday: Part 2”

  1. D'you know, I really like the idea of wrapping the scarf roound a tree! (note to self: knit scarf and take nice pictures!)

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