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Makin it My Way Monday: Ponytail Holder July 19, 2010

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Hi Everyone. I wanted to do another makin it my way monday. I have made alot of flowers through out the past and I really like the smiple layered circle flower. All you basically do is cut out circles and stich them together and tada Flower! Easy and fast I love it. Well I wanted to make some cute hair things. I noticed I wear my hair in a ponytail or in a bun alot….which means I wear tons of scrunchies and ponytail holders. So I made one of the layered circle flowers and added it to a ponytail and got my flower ponytail holder. Well I am going to tell you how to make it just to help you out and show you hold fast and easy this is.

What you will need??
Sissors,needle,thread,5 fabric circles different sizes,and a ponytail holder.
Step 1: Cut out 10 fabric circles in different sizes. 5 circles for each flower because I made 2.
Step 2: Arrange 5 circles from biggest circle to smallest circle on top and put a few stiches in.
Step 3: fold the circles in half and give a few more stiches to the circles.
Step 4: pinch the circles the other way and give a few more stiches.
Step 5: Attach flowers to the ponytail holders make sure its secure and your done.
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5 Responses to “Makin it My Way Monday: Ponytail Holder”

  1. Hazel Says:

    I am a new follower! Come see me at my blog when you get the chance!hazel

  2. Cecily Says:

    Super cute – love the color combos!

  3. Michelle L. Says:

    Those are super pretty! Such a simple and great idea. No fuss, no muss sewing, even I might try it.

  4. Jacqueline Says:

    Very cute. I made some bigger ones out of satin but didn't think of putting them on pony tail holders. I know lots of girls who would really like this and such fun options. Great idea Neccie.

  5. Thanks again for linking up…You're great, girl!! 😀

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