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Hoo are You? & Tip Tuesday! July 20, 2010

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Hi everybody if you haven’t noticed I am trying to have a different theme for each day. Some weeks I won’t have all the days with a theme, but this week I am trying. Monday was Makin it My Way and Today is Tip Tuesday. Also today I like joining in on Night Owl Crafting’s Hoo are you? This gives all of you a better view about me. What I like, What I don’t like, and so on. So lets get started:

1. Have you ever broke a bone or anything on your body?
Nope I haven’t. I few cuts and scraps is all.
2. What is your favorite drink?
Even though I have been drinking Dr. Pepper more I love Mountain Dew.
3. When is your birthday! You don’t have to tell the year you were born!
October 15th, 1985. Yep I am 24 soon to be 25.
4. Do you have an allergies?
No I am allergic to anything, but some years the pollen here gets so bad I
feel like I am allergic to it. Everyone feels that way when it gets that bad.
5. What is one of your all time favorite movies?
Wow its hard to pick just a few, but I will tell you all
3 that I can watch over and over agian. Pearl Harbor,
DareDevil, and The Waterboy. Yep 2 have Ben Affleck in them.

Tip Tuesday!!
Ok The tips I want to share today are tips on how I am creavtive. Well how I am most the time.
Tip 1: Sometimes it takes alot of failed projects to find the perfect project. Play around with materials, use materials you would not normally use. You don’t have to get crazy. Start out with using t-shirt fabric, felt, or maybe even yarn to make something. If you make something that just not right try a different step or add another material into play.
Tip 2: Use your scraps. Take out that ribbon that there is just a bit left. You could make a bow, a braclet, or a necklace with that. How about a headband? Don’t just throw them scraps in a bag and look at them latter. Take a look now!
Tip 3: Don’t follow directions!! If you find a project you like try to make it your self first with out following the steps. Add in your own steps. If there is a bow add a flower or button instead. If the directions call for using ribbon, try using lace or yarn instead. Crafts is like cooking subsitute things in for something eles.
Tip 4: Have fun and tell yourself what your doing is the right way. If you feel like your doing something wrong, your going to mess up and hate what you make. Have fun and let your thought process go wild.

5 Responses to “Hoo are You? & Tip Tuesday!”

  1. Beth Says:

    Yet another one for the Pepsi camp- well, MT Dew is a Pepsi product any way. I have never been a huge fan of regular pepsi but I like D Pepsi ok. I really like Dr Pepper, especially D Dr Pepper. I also have to say I love the tips, especially the one about not following directions. I can do that!

  2. Well if you have to pick a movie, one (or two!) with Ben Affleck isn't so bad!! 🙂 Visiting from Hoo Are You!

  3. Allie Says:

    Ben Affleck is still pretty yummy! :)Popping in from Hoo Are You – have a great Tuesday!

  4. Robyn Fish Says:

    I'm trying to convince my husband that I'm turning 25 again this year. It almost worked, cept my birth certificate says I was born in 84. Dangit!

  5. Love your tips…. especially don't follow the rules. That's what makes us creative!

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