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Try This Thursday: Personal Tin July 22, 2010

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Hi everybody! I just finished making today’s try this. My hands still have bits of dried glue on them still. I used alot of glue…….Take a look at some of the things I used:

I got the idea from A Girl and A Glue Gun. Here is her take on some really cute decorated tins. I had to try this out. I used an old pop rocks tin, magizine pages, sissors, fabric, carboard, and glue. I didn’t use the yellow or black scrapbook paper that was in the picture. I have two pair of sissors because your not suppose to use your fabric sissors on paper. I always try not to use my red sissors for nothing but, yarn and fabric. Okay back to the tin. I cut up small squares and made a mosic title look on top, and added two other decorative pieces. for the back I just cut out some of the magizine I had in a soild color and glued it to the back. The only hard part in the whole thing was glueing tiny squares….lol. I took the cardboard and cut out a pattern for the inside of the lid and cut out a piece of fabric and glued that in the inside. I then cut out another piece using the cardboard. Next I folded a small piece on the cardboard over and glued that to the inside of the tin so I had a flap to hide the bottom. Don’t glue the cardboard to the bottom. I then glued a piece of fabric on the cardboard to make it more pretty. The outside and inside of the tin don’t match perfectly, but I like it. I am going to hide personal girl items under the flap. Here is what the tin looks like:


One Response to “Try This Thursday: Personal Tin”

  1. Michelle L. Says:

    Ooh, a secret compartment box! Wouldn't this be a great gift for a little girl? And the teeny mosaic squares look great.

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