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School Supply Revamp July 31, 2010

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Hi Everyone so I have been slow on my crafts. They are still stored up and I am cleaning my room. I had the urge to clean out my clothes while I was cleaning…so thats taking a while…lol. Anyway I bought some things for school……like folders, pens, pencils, a clipboard, and a binder. okay so I had the binder and folders already and I just updated them. So Here is a couple pictures of what I did to them….well this is the final product:

On the Left is a pink 3 ring binder I had and I just added pockets to it by glueing on scrapbook paper. I glued the sides and bottom, but not the top and tada a pocket for handouts and extra paper. The photo on the right are 2 sprial notebooks. they are just your 1 subject notebook. I got mine from walmart for 15cents each so 30cents for 2 notebooks. I added scrapbook paper and stickers to them. One of the has my intals on the left bottom corner. (remember I said neccie was a nickname in my last post well if you read it you know my middle name.) Next are a few more pictures of some more school suplies I added tada to:
The photo on the left is a clipboard that I paid 2 bucks for…..yep a plain brown clipboard for 2bucks…..yea that was alittle much, but I couldn’t find another one any where. I found this one at Family Dollar. I added scrapbook paper, stickers, and a piece of ribbon is added near the bottom. (click the picture to see it larger.) I also added my intals to the left bottom corner of my clipboard. On top of the Clipboard is a Pen that I added TADA to. its a simple black push pen that I snaped off the clip and hotglued turkey feathers that I had and wrapped it in brown ribbon all the way to the bottom. Then I added a pink ribbon bow to tie the pen in with my pink binder, notebooks, and clipboard. Are you seeing I like pink alot now??!! The next picture is the two folders I am putting in the pink binder. They both have my intals on them and decorated with scrapbook paper and stickers. I hope you enjoyed the pink fest and liked my back to school ideas.

6 Responses to “School Supply Revamp”

  1. MJ Says:

    Wow school supplies…. that takes me back… I used to have everything finished in June so I would be ready for the next school year already! LOL. Am glad I'm not the only one 😉 Everything looks super cute, I am sure you will enjoy school a lot more this way!

  2. Michelle L. Says:

    I am especially loving that be-ribboned, be-feathered ball point pen! And the quilted scrapbook paper on the clipboard is a cool illusion – like the clipboard itself is quilted. Great ideas!

  3. You have very creative ideas on this blog! Anything to make school more fun! I'm visiting you from the weekend comment club!

  4. I am Harriet Says:

    Wow- that is really cool!Stopping by from the Weekend Comment Club. Thanks for signing up.Have a great rest of your weekend!

  5. Julie Says:

    Cute projects. I especially like the clip board that you made. I'm visiting from the weekend club. I'm youre newest follower. I hope you can visit my blog as well. I have a blog hop linky for you to add your blog link to. Thanks. see you around!Julie @ Bunches of Bargains

  6. Lise Says:

    new follower from FF :)

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