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YAY Me!!!! Thank You Johnnie! August 29, 2010

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Hey Everyone this post is a bit thank you to Johnnie over at Saved by Love. I won a contest of hers and recieved a beautiful handcrafted clay pendent. She was so sweet to work with me and customize a piece just for me.  As soon as I opened the lovely envople you see above I was so happy. I love my pendent. Also because Johnnie is so sweet she agreed to do a trade with me and I got a second pendent that I just love. I love both of the beautiful pendents I recieved. Thank you so much Johnnie!! If you have to time (which I know you do….your reading this post…lol) Check out Johnnie over at saved by love creations! Here are just two of her beautiful pendents! These two are mine…, buy I am sure if you ask her she will make you one too for a lovely price. =]

(Click the image to see it closer!)

3 Responses to “YAY Me!!!! Thank You Johnnie!”

  1. I think they are gorgeous, they should fit you and your colourful personality perfectly. So happy for you!

  2. Michelle L. Says:

    Yay, you! That is too beautiful.

  3. Johnnie Says:

    Thank you, Neccie! You are so sweet to post this. I am glad you like your pendants. I have my eye on some things on your FB. I have been super busy. I will write soon. You are a peach 🙂

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