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Saftey Pin Creations August 15, 2010

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Hi everybody! Lately I have had an obbession with soda tabs and saftey pins. So everyone saw my soda tab obbession if you didn’t take a look at my last post. This time around safety pins and beads have been on my mind. I am all about a necklace that says a statement with out costing to much and dosen’t involve tons of beads everywhere. So I made:

So thats what I made 4 different pendents for necklaces. I will be selling them
when i get my etsy up and I can make almost and color. with the pearls I have black, pink, and white pearls. I have alot of colors like yellow, blue, pink, brown. I have wooden beads as well.

Soda Tab Creations August 11, 2010

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Hi everybody and I just want to say wow its been 11 days since I posted a blog last. I have been working on getting more smaller crafts together and making more of them. I wanted to share with you some of the things I have been making lately. I am still here just busy with trying to get my store open. So please feel free to give me some feedback. I really need feedback just to know if what I am making is worth selling to the people….which are you guys, and lots of others too. So I have been playing around with soda tabs and This is what I have made so far:

(click on any of the images to see them bigger.)
All these photos are on my facebook. You can add me on my craft facebook and message me about prices, see what I am making, check out my ideas, and even look back at everything I have made. I also have a youtube channel. My background on my youtube channel is that it use to be just me doing makeup and well now its mostly crafts, but I still do some makeup/hairstyle tutorials. If your intrested in subscribing to my youtube channel the link is
I will post more creations soon and  join me on facebook and youtube to keep up with my crazy busy craft life. =]

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School Supply Revamp July 31, 2010

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Hi Everyone so I have been slow on my crafts. They are still stored up and I am cleaning my room. I had the urge to clean out my clothes while I was cleaning…so thats taking a while…lol. Anyway I bought some things for school……like folders, pens, pencils, a clipboard, and a binder. okay so I had the binder and folders already and I just updated them. So Here is a couple pictures of what I did to them….well this is the final product:

On the Left is a pink 3 ring binder I had and I just added pockets to it by glueing on scrapbook paper. I glued the sides and bottom, but not the top and tada a pocket for handouts and extra paper. The photo on the right are 2 sprial notebooks. they are just your 1 subject notebook. I got mine from walmart for 15cents each so 30cents for 2 notebooks. I added scrapbook paper and stickers to them. One of the has my intals on the left bottom corner. (remember I said neccie was a nickname in my last post well if you read it you know my middle name.) Next are a few more pictures of some more school suplies I added tada to:
The photo on the left is a clipboard that I paid 2 bucks for…..yep a plain brown clipboard for 2bucks…..yea that was alittle much, but I couldn’t find another one any where. I found this one at Family Dollar. I added scrapbook paper, stickers, and a piece of ribbon is added near the bottom. (click the picture to see it larger.) I also added my intals to the left bottom corner of my clipboard. On top of the Clipboard is a Pen that I added TADA to. its a simple black push pen that I snaped off the clip and hotglued turkey feathers that I had and wrapped it in brown ribbon all the way to the bottom. Then I added a pink ribbon bow to tie the pen in with my pink binder, notebooks, and clipboard. Are you seeing I like pink alot now??!! The next picture is the two folders I am putting in the pink binder. They both have my intals on them and decorated with scrapbook paper and stickers. I hope you enjoyed the pink fest and liked my back to school ideas.

Makin it My Way Monday: Ponytail Holder July 19, 2010

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Hi Everyone. I wanted to do another makin it my way monday. I have made alot of flowers through out the past and I really like the smiple layered circle flower. All you basically do is cut out circles and stich them together and tada Flower! Easy and fast I love it. Well I wanted to make some cute hair things. I noticed I wear my hair in a ponytail or in a bun alot….which means I wear tons of scrunchies and ponytail holders. So I made one of the layered circle flowers and added it to a ponytail and got my flower ponytail holder. Well I am going to tell you how to make it just to help you out and show you hold fast and easy this is.

What you will need??
Sissors,needle,thread,5 fabric circles different sizes,and a ponytail holder.
Step 1: Cut out 10 fabric circles in different sizes. 5 circles for each flower because I made 2.
Step 2: Arrange 5 circles from biggest circle to smallest circle on top and put a few stiches in.
Step 3: fold the circles in half and give a few more stiches to the circles.
Step 4: pinch the circles the other way and give a few more stiches.
Step 5: Attach flowers to the ponytail holders make sure its secure and your done.
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Foto (Photo) Friday: Part 2 July 18, 2010

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Hi everyone! So part one I showed different items on mostly wooden backdrops. In this post I will show you different backdrops, items, and give you more tips. In this post I will show you some of my knits and different ways I took photos of them. The first item is a personal scarf of mine I knitted about a year ago:

This scarf was wrapped around a tree. I covered the tree so you couldn’t see it and you saw more of the scarf. You can go several different ways with this backdrop. You can wrap the scarf around the tree like your wearing it (there are tons of ways to wrap a scarf on), you can wrap it to cover the tree like i did, or you can let it hang from a branch to show off lenght. I got close to the scarf with this photo, but made sure I could see most of the scarf. I was using the same close up flower setting with no flash as before. The lighting outside was nice and it was still early in the morning so it wasn’t that hot. This next item is also around a tree, but it has a detail on the ends of the scarf:

This scarf was also wraped around a tree, but I let the tree show a bit this time. I also got closer in to caputure this flower detail stiched onto the end of the scarf. In this photo you can tell the color of the scarf, that its thin, and the detail on the ends. Sometimes you don’t need a full frame picture of an item to create a nice shot. A great time to taking a shot this close is use that zoom button, but only the picture become alittle blurry zoom out alittle and remember to keep the camrea as still as you can. I shot this without a tripod, but a tripod is a great tool to keeping everything as still as possible and your photo won’t be blurry. The next items are three knitted braclets and they have a different backdrop and two different angles that I shot them at:

This backdrop is just a smiple piece of white fabric. You can use a sheet, pillowcase, shirt, or just a piece of fabric. Crop the photo so the item is the main foucs. Rember you don’t need the whole item in the shot. So the fact that the yarn is cut off in the 1st pic is on. The next photo is a nice way to show how the braclet will look on. Agian you don’t need your whole hand or arm in the photo. you want to make sure you can see the braclet clearly. Of course I took this photo with one hand and later on went into a photo editor and cropped it down. The item at hand is always center of attention so zoom in, crop around the item, and make it look good.

Well thats all the photos and tips for this Foto (Photo) Friday. I made have more items next Friday or maybe a different subject all together. Thanks for reading the blog and I hope I helped someone out. One more good tip is take seveval photos you can always hit delete if you don’t like one.


Foto (Photo) Friday: Part 1 July 16, 2010

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Hi everyone I have been busy for a bit, but I am here. I want to try to make every Friday or every other Friday….Foto (Photo) Friday. Tell me what you think. I have been playing around with backgrounds and different ways to take pictures of my crafts. I have also made a few new crafts and found a few older items I have made. I just wanted to share the photos with you and tell you what I did differently. Maybe I will help someone eles out. Lets start with a new item first. Everyone remember the faux shell braclet? Well this is another one in blue:

This pukabow braclet was shot from the front to show off the cute stiched on bow detail and also from the side so you could see a different angle ant the beads better. The back ground for this braclet is a piece of wood that has seen its better days. I set the piece of wood up on the steps and took alot of photos with this background. The next item is a Vinyl Cuff I made a while but and but in storage and just got around to finding it. Its decorated for halloween, but I love halloween so I would probally wear it all year long:
For this photo I set the cuff right down on a rock on the garden….well whats left of the garden (its over grown by evil vine flowers now.) I have a few slivery/gray rocks that came from Texas and the grey gave this whitish vinyl braclet a nice look. There are 2 black bats on each side of the purple bat. I need to get a few more shots from different angles for this cuff. I was really happy this photo showed the hand painting I did to the cuff. The next item is another cuff but decorated alittle different. I messed up alittle on it, but its still a nice:
This two photo are taken on my front porch steps. The steps are alittle wheather, but still nice. I really like the light shining under the cracks in the photos, but the cuff is still the center of attention here. As you can see on the frist picture my hot glue got on the cuff just a bit, but the cuff still looks really nice.
So Thats all the photos I have to show you today. Tommrow I will take some photos of my knits and show you how that comes out. A big tip for all the photos I took is that I took them from 8am to 11am the lighting outside was perfect. I never used a flash at all. I set my camrea on the scenery setting for close up of flowers. The icon is a flower on the scenery settings. I used no flash and I made sure to foucs on the photo and have as less background as I could. Also I made sure I was not shaking. I layed down and proped my elbows up a few times for balence. Tell me what you think of my new photos I am going to redo my facebook with all new photos. (Sorry post is so long….remember to see photos bigger just click them.)

Should I make an Etsy Shop? July 14, 2010

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Hi everyone I have been trying to run my tiny business through my friends and facebook. Well facebok is no place to buy an item. I have a paypal account and I know everyone is selling at Etsy. I want to know everyones thought on this. Should I make an Etsy account? If I had a store would you buy something from me. I have looked up shipping prices and what others are selling some of the same items I want to sell. Here are a few items I want to sell and there prices. Feel free to tell me anything you would or would not buy. If I get 10 or more comments saying yes open a store then I will make an Etsy shop. Here are some items:
Airfreshener-comes in own decorated jar. scents I have ocean as of now more to come soon. Cost: 1.00 Shipping for this item 1.50 so all together: $2.50. I can make the blue color lighter or even make it clear. I do have more of this ribbon if you want to same design as this jar. Jar comes with a lid so you can keep the smell sealed when not using.

A scarf thats thick and long, great for the winter chill. I can wrap this one around my neck atleast 3 times. Comes in any color yarn I have. Check my facebook if you want to see my colors. I will update my yarns when and if I get an Etsy shop.
Cost for this scarf 2.00 shipping 2.00 total price $4.00. This scarf will take 1 week to 2 weeks to get to you. I have to knit it and that will take a few days. I have other scarf ranging for $2.00-$4.00 with shipping. I make faxu fur like wraps, light weight scarf, and these heavier scarves. I will be making a scarf with fringe soon. Check my facebook for all pictures.
This Scrapy Srunchy! Thats what I named it. This one is for sell and I can custom one with different fabrics and ribbons that I have. I will have all ribbons and fabrics updated on facebook. This item will cost 1.00 and shipping is 0.75 so total cost is $1.75 for this item.

Some of you know this item from a previous post. I am going to make this is different colors with different pins as closers. The cost for this item is 1.50 and shipping will be 1.00 so this item cost all in all $2.50.

These knitted drawstring bags are lined with fabric and have a braided drawstring. The cost for these are 1.00 and shipping is 1.50 so total cost $2.50. I have different colors of yarn and fabric you can customize your bag to your liking.

These cute little bows are interchangeable bobby bows. I will probally include 2 bobby pins. If you want all 3 its 1.00 plus .50 shipping. If you want more I will charge 3 for 1.00 with .50 shipping.

Theses are just some examples of items I am wanting to sell and how much they cost. Any of the crafts I have made and posted on this blog I am willing to sell. My prices are very cheap as you can tell. I want to stay cheap until I grow a bigger business. I will offer more items. If you want to look at other items, my yarns, or my fabrics Check out my facebook. Please be honest and tell if you would by anything or if you would not. This is my money and time I am putting out and I don’t have much money to be using up posting items in a shop no one will buy. Thank you for commenting and I hope there are enough of you out there willing to buy something so I can open my shop. If you say you would buy something it doesn’t mean you have to buy that item as soon as I open….that would be great, but I am not holding you. I just want to make sure my items are sellable and wanted. Okay so I have a long enough post thanks agian.