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Guess What??? September 22, 2010

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I now have my etsy up and running….Yes Finally!!!!
It took me long enough right??? well I got some money and put my
foot down and said I am doing this. So here is my link to my etsy:
and here is the link to my facebook (anything on the facebook is for sell as well)

So go visit both of my sites and check out my Etsy store……Everything is $2.00 right now….well everything thats in the store is…..and the shipping is really cheap right now and i will ship to the uk as well.

If you have any feedback let me know I love feedback. There is no bad feedback…..all feedback is helpful to me!


Oh My Goodness!!! September 21, 2010

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Wow its been almost a month since I have really posted a blog. I got back into my youtube account and I started recording more. I am currently working on a mini mini scrapbooking album. I am also hoping to open my etsy store this week or the begining of next week. I will only be posting 5 or 6 items, but they will be great prices and great deals. As soon as I get more popular on etsy I will up the prices……so if you like super cheap check out my etsy when i post that its open =] Just to get some ideas of what might be posted there I made a lace and soda tab braclet that I can make more of…really cute…white lace with white and sliver tabs and a snap closure. 2 types of bows, some of the soda tab creations, and maybe some flexibe bangles I make…..not sure on the bangles yet. Everything on my facebook page is up for sale weather or not its listed in my etsy or not. I hope to start making flowers here soon. If enough people like my mini mini I might premake one to sell for a reasonable, but cheap price.

One side note on why I was missing in the blog world other than my youtube account…..(youtube user name perfectbeingme look me up.) My mother found a lump in her breast a couple of weeks ago and she thought it might of been breast cancer. She got tests done and they had no idea. They took tissue from the lump last week and told us today that it was not cancer, but it did grow since the last time they looked at it. They gave her the chioce to do more tests to see what it is, or jus cut it ou. I don’t know what she is going to do yet. I am still alittle nervous that they could do more tests and go wait it is breast cancer…..but it could be nothing but a lump…..i don’t know. well I just thought I would share that with you guys and tell you all that I have been busy crafting. if you want to see more of what i have been doing check out my facebook page and my youtube. I hope to have a post soon about opening my etsy store!!! =]


Soda Tab Creations August 11, 2010

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Hi everybody and I just want to say wow its been 11 days since I posted a blog last. I have been working on getting more smaller crafts together and making more of them. I wanted to share with you some of the things I have been making lately. I am still here just busy with trying to get my store open. So please feel free to give me some feedback. I really need feedback just to know if what I am making is worth selling to the people….which are you guys, and lots of others too. So I have been playing around with soda tabs and This is what I have made so far:

(click on any of the images to see them bigger.)
All these photos are on my facebook. You can add me on my craft facebook and message me about prices, see what I am making, check out my ideas, and even look back at everything I have made. I also have a youtube channel. My background on my youtube channel is that it use to be just me doing makeup and well now its mostly crafts, but I still do some makeup/hairstyle tutorials. If your intrested in subscribing to my youtube channel the link is
I will post more creations soon and  join me on facebook and youtube to keep up with my crazy busy craft life. =]

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Should I make an Etsy Shop? July 14, 2010

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Hi everyone I have been trying to run my tiny business through my friends and facebook. Well facebok is no place to buy an item. I have a paypal account and I know everyone is selling at Etsy. I want to know everyones thought on this. Should I make an Etsy account? If I had a store would you buy something from me. I have looked up shipping prices and what others are selling some of the same items I want to sell. Here are a few items I want to sell and there prices. Feel free to tell me anything you would or would not buy. If I get 10 or more comments saying yes open a store then I will make an Etsy shop. Here are some items:
Airfreshener-comes in own decorated jar. scents I have ocean as of now more to come soon. Cost: 1.00 Shipping for this item 1.50 so all together: $2.50. I can make the blue color lighter or even make it clear. I do have more of this ribbon if you want to same design as this jar. Jar comes with a lid so you can keep the smell sealed when not using.

A scarf thats thick and long, great for the winter chill. I can wrap this one around my neck atleast 3 times. Comes in any color yarn I have. Check my facebook if you want to see my colors. I will update my yarns when and if I get an Etsy shop.
Cost for this scarf 2.00 shipping 2.00 total price $4.00. This scarf will take 1 week to 2 weeks to get to you. I have to knit it and that will take a few days. I have other scarf ranging for $2.00-$4.00 with shipping. I make faxu fur like wraps, light weight scarf, and these heavier scarves. I will be making a scarf with fringe soon. Check my facebook for all pictures.
This Scrapy Srunchy! Thats what I named it. This one is for sell and I can custom one with different fabrics and ribbons that I have. I will have all ribbons and fabrics updated on facebook. This item will cost 1.00 and shipping is 0.75 so total cost is $1.75 for this item.

Some of you know this item from a previous post. I am going to make this is different colors with different pins as closers. The cost for this item is 1.50 and shipping will be 1.00 so this item cost all in all $2.50.

These knitted drawstring bags are lined with fabric and have a braided drawstring. The cost for these are 1.00 and shipping is 1.50 so total cost $2.50. I have different colors of yarn and fabric you can customize your bag to your liking.

These cute little bows are interchangeable bobby bows. I will probally include 2 bobby pins. If you want all 3 its 1.00 plus .50 shipping. If you want more I will charge 3 for 1.00 with .50 shipping.

Theses are just some examples of items I am wanting to sell and how much they cost. Any of the crafts I have made and posted on this blog I am willing to sell. My prices are very cheap as you can tell. I want to stay cheap until I grow a bigger business. I will offer more items. If you want to look at other items, my yarns, or my fabrics Check out my facebook. Please be honest and tell if you would by anything or if you would not. This is my money and time I am putting out and I don’t have much money to be using up posting items in a shop no one will buy. Thank you for commenting and I hope there are enough of you out there willing to buy something so I can open my shop. If you say you would buy something it doesn’t mean you have to buy that item as soon as I open….that would be great, but I am not holding you. I just want to make sure my items are sellable and wanted. Okay so I have a long enough post thanks agian.


Faux shell like or square beaded braclet July 10, 2010

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Hi everyone its late at night agian and I wanted to post a cute and easy tutorial. I picked out this one because I was browsing youtubes craft videos and saw someone making a necklace out of something I would of never thought of making jewlery out of. Well that was a while back and the girl deleted the video. Luckly I remembered how to make a braclet. I made one and posted a photo on my facebook (I have a facebook badge in the sidebar feel feel to add me). A girl left a comment about this braclet that sorta of upset me. It was along the lines of what did I do just add a bow to a braclet I had. Well I liked making this braclet and I hope you do too. You will never guess what the beads are made out of. Ok I will give you a hint…red is hambuger, black is normally steak, blue is fish, and yellow is chicken. If you guessed the stryofoam trays the meat comes in you got it right. Yes I made that braclet with that!!

Here is what you all need:
needle and thread
one stryofoam tray any color
Bow Pin (I used a bow because I cut my ribbon to short.)
What To Do?
Step 1: Wash your tray with hot water and soap if there was meat in there. I asked my local butcher if I could have a few empty trays and he nicely gave me one in every color that were new.
Step 2: Cut your tray in small strips Like this:
Then cut these strips into tiny squares like this:
Step 3: Thread your squares onto your thread to the desired length. I stopped every few minutes and wrapped the piece around my wrist. I left 2 or 3 inches for the ribbon.
Step 4: Cut 2 pieces of ribbon long enough to tie a bow (I cut my pieces to small). Tie a knot in one end of the ribbon and sew the ribbon to the braclet. I put a few stiches in the last bead to keep it more stable.
Step 5: Tie ribbon in a bow and enjoy. Now in my finally picture there is a bow. Since my ribbon was to short I took a bow pin and pinned the two pieces of ribbon together to how my braclet on.
So these a cute and unqie braclet I am going to play around with different colors and different shapes. I am thinking of trying to sell them so stop by my facebook to see if I have made any more. Also I posted some new items on my facebook that I have not posted on my blog yet.

Creations and Blog Hopping June 28, 2010

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Hi everybody I have a few new things I made I will post some pictures here and more on my facebook page as well. If you follow me from any of the blog hops I have below please leave me a comment with your link. I will gladly follow you back. Here are some new things I have made:
(click picture to make bigger. Check out the facebook to find out prices and names of items)
Here are the blog hops I am Following:

Vintage Style Hats!! June 15, 2010

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Hey everybody!! So I made two cute little vintage style hats. I love them, they were simple to make and they look so cute. The pic above is of the red with white poka dot one that has a red netting bridcage style veil attached to it. The veil and the 2 white felt bows can be removed it you like. I love the look of the birdcage veil though. I also have this one:

This is a brown and white patterned fabric with 3 flower pins attached to the side of the hat. I love the look of this one too, but the red one is my favorite. I really like the look of the lace flower on this hat. I have more close up pictures of these hats on my facebook page. I will probally sell them for 3.00 tops. I might go down on the price, but for now I am sticking with that. I can be talked into a sale so easily though….lol, but as long as the person that is buying the item is happy I am happy. So add me on facebook to see these hats and more cute items that I have made.
I will be linking this post to some bloghops for the rest of the week =] If you follow me leave me a comment with your link thanks!!
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