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I am still here and some info for you! August 22, 2010

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Hi Everyone sorry I have been MIA lately. I am working on getting some crafts ready to sell, getting ready for college, and I have been on youtube alot more now. Check out a few past posts to find out my youtube account.

I just wanted to say I am alive and that a sweet youtuber and craft blog lady has a great giveaway going on.
thats her blog check it out for her wonderful giveaway she is giving away alot. I am crossing my fingers I win.

Anywho youtube is were I have been I will post a new post here as soon as I fix my layout. I am looking for a new blog layout and then I am going to update my youtube and etsy store (that has nothing it in) to match my blog layout. =]


Wow Wenseday! July 21, 2010

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Hi Everybody. I was struggling with two themes for wenseday…..Winedown Wenseday or Wow Wenseday. Well I picked this one. I read so many great blogs everyday. I get my inspration for all types of posts. Crafts posts, fashison post, and even everyday what I did today posts give me inspriation. I love reading post that make me laugh, smile, want to make something, or even cook something. I am following alot of blogs, but I try to read ever new post. It takes me a while but I do it. Today I want to mention three blogs that I think are just great and I really enjoy. I will post a blog about 3 more next Wenseday and so on. Everyone is trying to promote them selves, but today I want to promote others:

Mich L. in LA: She was one of the 1st blogs I subscribed to and one of the reasons I started this blog. I won my first contest from her blog and won tons of great craft stuff. She is one of the most creative bloggers I have seen on here or seen anywhere. She can take a salt shaker, or even a birdie and make beautiful jewlery. She is also very funny. I laugh everytime I read a post. She is such a nice woman and leaves nice and warm comments.

Saved by Love Creations: She is so talented when it comes to clay. She make beautiful clay pendents, earings, and even home decor pieces. She has great ideas for gifts. She is such a sweet lady her comments are so nice. She really gets in there and explains things. She makes pieces with such texture and colors and then lets you know that it was not that hard to do. (I am still neverous to try.)

Purple Cholat Home: If you love cooking this is one of the blogs to check out. She has some of the nicest recipes I have seen. I look at her beautiful pictures and think omg I can never cook that, but once I read the post everything seems so simple. She is also such a nice lady and leaves the nicest comments. I love reading her posts they make me feel like I am on vaction. I know that sounds odd, but it does.

I just want to stay thank you to these ladies for being so nice and also being followers of mine as I am of them. Go check them all out and show them the love and kindness they show upon others.


Foto (Photo) Friday: Part 1 July 16, 2010

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Hi everyone I have been busy for a bit, but I am here. I want to try to make every Friday or every other Friday….Foto (Photo) Friday. Tell me what you think. I have been playing around with backgrounds and different ways to take pictures of my crafts. I have also made a few new crafts and found a few older items I have made. I just wanted to share the photos with you and tell you what I did differently. Maybe I will help someone eles out. Lets start with a new item first. Everyone remember the faux shell braclet? Well this is another one in blue:

This pukabow braclet was shot from the front to show off the cute stiched on bow detail and also from the side so you could see a different angle ant the beads better. The back ground for this braclet is a piece of wood that has seen its better days. I set the piece of wood up on the steps and took alot of photos with this background. The next item is a Vinyl Cuff I made a while but and but in storage and just got around to finding it. Its decorated for halloween, but I love halloween so I would probally wear it all year long:
For this photo I set the cuff right down on a rock on the garden….well whats left of the garden (its over grown by evil vine flowers now.) I have a few slivery/gray rocks that came from Texas and the grey gave this whitish vinyl braclet a nice look. There are 2 black bats on each side of the purple bat. I need to get a few more shots from different angles for this cuff. I was really happy this photo showed the hand painting I did to the cuff. The next item is another cuff but decorated alittle different. I messed up alittle on it, but its still a nice:
This two photo are taken on my front porch steps. The steps are alittle wheather, but still nice. I really like the light shining under the cracks in the photos, but the cuff is still the center of attention here. As you can see on the frist picture my hot glue got on the cuff just a bit, but the cuff still looks really nice.
So Thats all the photos I have to show you today. Tommrow I will take some photos of my knits and show you how that comes out. A big tip for all the photos I took is that I took them from 8am to 11am the lighting outside was perfect. I never used a flash at all. I set my camrea on the scenery setting for close up of flowers. The icon is a flower on the scenery settings. I used no flash and I made sure to foucs on the photo and have as less background as I could. Also I made sure I was not shaking. I layed down and proped my elbows up a few times for balence. Tell me what you think of my new photos I am going to redo my facebook with all new photos. (Sorry post is so long….remember to see photos bigger just click them.)

Should I make an Etsy Shop? July 14, 2010

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Hi everyone I have been trying to run my tiny business through my friends and facebook. Well facebok is no place to buy an item. I have a paypal account and I know everyone is selling at Etsy. I want to know everyones thought on this. Should I make an Etsy account? If I had a store would you buy something from me. I have looked up shipping prices and what others are selling some of the same items I want to sell. Here are a few items I want to sell and there prices. Feel free to tell me anything you would or would not buy. If I get 10 or more comments saying yes open a store then I will make an Etsy shop. Here are some items:
Airfreshener-comes in own decorated jar. scents I have ocean as of now more to come soon. Cost: 1.00 Shipping for this item 1.50 so all together: $2.50. I can make the blue color lighter or even make it clear. I do have more of this ribbon if you want to same design as this jar. Jar comes with a lid so you can keep the smell sealed when not using.

A scarf thats thick and long, great for the winter chill. I can wrap this one around my neck atleast 3 times. Comes in any color yarn I have. Check my facebook if you want to see my colors. I will update my yarns when and if I get an Etsy shop.
Cost for this scarf 2.00 shipping 2.00 total price $4.00. This scarf will take 1 week to 2 weeks to get to you. I have to knit it and that will take a few days. I have other scarf ranging for $2.00-$4.00 with shipping. I make faxu fur like wraps, light weight scarf, and these heavier scarves. I will be making a scarf with fringe soon. Check my facebook for all pictures.
This Scrapy Srunchy! Thats what I named it. This one is for sell and I can custom one with different fabrics and ribbons that I have. I will have all ribbons and fabrics updated on facebook. This item will cost 1.00 and shipping is 0.75 so total cost is $1.75 for this item.

Some of you know this item from a previous post. I am going to make this is different colors with different pins as closers. The cost for this item is 1.50 and shipping will be 1.00 so this item cost all in all $2.50.

These knitted drawstring bags are lined with fabric and have a braided drawstring. The cost for these are 1.00 and shipping is 1.50 so total cost $2.50. I have different colors of yarn and fabric you can customize your bag to your liking.

These cute little bows are interchangeable bobby bows. I will probally include 2 bobby pins. If you want all 3 its 1.00 plus .50 shipping. If you want more I will charge 3 for 1.00 with .50 shipping.

Theses are just some examples of items I am wanting to sell and how much they cost. Any of the crafts I have made and posted on this blog I am willing to sell. My prices are very cheap as you can tell. I want to stay cheap until I grow a bigger business. I will offer more items. If you want to look at other items, my yarns, or my fabrics Check out my facebook. Please be honest and tell if you would by anything or if you would not. This is my money and time I am putting out and I don’t have much money to be using up posting items in a shop no one will buy. Thank you for commenting and I hope there are enough of you out there willing to buy something so I can open my shop. If you say you would buy something it doesn’t mean you have to buy that item as soon as I open….that would be great, but I am not holding you. I just want to make sure my items are sellable and wanted. Okay so I have a long enough post thanks agian.


Friday Blog Hops and A Rant&News too!! July 9, 2010

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If your following me from a blog hop just leave a comment below with your url and I will glad follow you back. I love reading new blogs with fun ideas and information. Here are the hops I am joinning:
New Friend Fridaysfriday-follow

So here is my rant…..has anyone eles noticed the number of giveaways and reviews going on. Don’t get me wrong I like reading about reviews of products and getting free stuff…..every now and then. Sometimes I can’t keep up with all the giveaways that are going on. I entered a few (I think 4) and I won one, one has not ended, and the other two really I don’t remember if they are over with or not. Giveaways are a great way to catch people attention, but do you really want followers that are following you, just for the stuff. I stop following a few people because I thought the number or reviews and giveaways where to high. A giveaway every now and then is nice, but everyday, thats just to much right? I would love to hear everyones view on this. Please comment and share your point of view.

In other news I have slowly started the themed days I will try every Thursday to post a Try This Thursday were I find crafts from blogs and make my own verison. I have one Try This Thursday up now. If you want to guest post or have a blog swap email me at I would love to have a Freaky Friday where someone eles guest posts or swaps blogs with me. Also I would like to try out Two dollar Tuesday where I make a project for $2 or less. If you have any theme day ideas please leave that in the comments too. Well I am going to stop before I talk to much…lol. I will have more crafts later on today or tommrow. A new tutorail will be monday!!


One Sorry and Updates June 29, 2010

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Hi everybody I decided to have a giveaway when I reach 200 followers or blogmania (if I take part in it…not sure yet.) I am sorry I took it down, but I want to prepare more and have a great giveaway. I don’t feel like I could have a great one just yet. So agian sorry, but I will have a giveaway for 200 followers. I guess I feel like there are so many giveaways going on that mine needs to be extra special.

Well on to some updates. I am working on new projects and I have been bookmarking some great projects that I want to try. I have been knitting alittle to….Yes knitting in the summer time. I have only been knitting braclets and headbands, and drawstring bags so far. I hope to post on the drawstring bag soon.

Finally I want to say thank you to everyone who has been leaving me such lovely comments and telling me how nice my work is. I hope my work only gets better. Thank you for following me and being so nice to me I have only been blogging for about 2 months now.


Happy Father’s Day!! June 20, 2010

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Hey Everyone if you read my last post you know what I gave my dad this father’s day. I wanted to share alittle bit about today and alittle bit about my life to you all (more fun craft stuff tommrow I promise). Well I am 24, not married, no kids, full time student (except in the summer), and I still live with my parents. Yea I live with mom and dad agian. About a year ago out of the blue I told my parents I was moving to New York in a few days. They about flip, but there was nothing they could do I had already bought the bus ticket (no flying no thank you) and I made my mind up already I was going. Well I moved in with my boyfriend that had moved to New York 8 months before. About 3 months of being in New York and my mom crying calling me everyday I was missing home and NY didn’t like me that much anyway. Well NY liked me I had a job, an apartment upstate, my boyfriend’s family took me shopping and try everything to make me as happy as posible there. The realationship started going south badly and I really started talking to my dad on the phone everyday instead of my mom. He understood me and give me the best advice I could ask for. One day he up and told me “Neccie if your not happy, and your missing everything, come back home. I will buy your ticket now. Just tell me you want to come home.” I broke down crying right there on the phone with him and said “Daddy I want to come home.” he started crying and yelled at my mom to order the ticket online right then and there. I left NY the next morning at 8am.

I have been back home for about a year and my dad and I have been so close. He is so supportive of my crafts. He is always telling me “Go make a 100 of these and rake in the cash.” I wish it was that easy. So onto my funny and so sweet father’s day this morning. My dad and his brother were going somewhere at 8am this morning. So I set my clock for 9am that way I could cook him brunch when he got back. I left his gift on his coffee table in the living room so he would find it this morning. Well 8am comes and the 1st thing I hear is “Neccie!!! How do you get this necklace out of this thing??” I almost feel out the bed freaking out!!! I walking in the living room with my pjs on and looked at him. “Are you trying to tear up your gift?” is all I could say. He then looks at it agian and notices the loop on the back “Oh you hang it on the wall. Then hang in up so I can look at it.” I about died laughing at him. He liked it so much he tried taking it apart. Luckly the hot glue was to strong….lol. So now his father’s day gift hangs on the wall in the living room. He keeps telling me “You could make 100 of them and paint the spur gold and make a killing.” Thats my dad!! Happy father’s day and to all the daughter’s, son’s, and mother’s I hope you feel great and all warm and fuzzy when the dad in your life loves the gift that you got them. Sometimes something so funny as them trying to tear your gift apart means more than “Thank you I love it.”

Ps. My day got even better after I read the post I was featured in from I was so please that she liked what I made and that I was featured on the 1st blog I followed and my favorite one to read. Thanks M for giving me the chance to share my creativity to everyone and for all the nice words.